How do I cancel Gamstop?

Gamstop is a uk-based charity aimed at preventing and combating gambling addiction. The player can voluntarily register in the system and limit his activities on gambling sites for a certain period of time.

It is not possible to lift the lock before the end of the specified period. The only how to cancel gamstop is to convince the technical support on the site that an error has occurred by attaching reasoned evidence. Statistics show that only a few people were released from restrictions ahead of schedule.

For British players, there is an alternative option – gambling sites not on gamstop, which work under the guidance of international gambling commissions, offer a wide range of games, generous bonuses and the ability to play without restrictions and limits.

Our experts have collected the top of the best non gamstop casinos for British players with a transparent reputation, an abundance of positive reviews and fair playing conditions.

The best casinos that do not require the cancellation of GamStop

There is no way to cancel Gamstop

One of the most popular queries in British search engines is get around self-exclusion. Many self-excluded players regretted the decision, and are looking for ways to regain access to local online casinos, skipping a lot of interesting promotions on gaming platforms.

Register with casinos that remove Gamstop

At the moment, there is no way to cancel gamstop without having conclusive evidence that the block occurred by mistake. The only alternative for UK players is independent casinos not on gamstop, which are not subject to restrictions.

It is worth noting that the exclusion program is quite flexible. The user can choose to fully restrict access to online casinos for a certain period of time:

  • 6 months;
  • 1 year;
  • 5 years.

But there are more loyal options for exclusion – for example, you can set a limit on the time spent on the site daily, or the available monthly amount of replenishment of the deposit. You can limit the maximum amount that a user can lose at the casino in a week.

Can I stop GamStop after the self-exclusion period?

After the self-exclusion period has expired, the user can go to the official Website of Gamstop and leave a request for the removal of restrictions. Processing of the request may take several days, after which representatives of the organization will contact the player and inform that his data – bank information, full name, place of residence, scanned copies of documents, removed from the database.

As soon as the documents disappear from the database, the user will be able to cancel gamstop and freely register on any BRITISH gaming platform and replenish the deposit for an unlimited amount.

You can contact Gamstop technical support to find out how long does gamstop last– operators can specify the exact end date of the self-exclusion period.

Can I stop Gamstop while in self-exclusion mode?

At the moment, there are no working methods of how to get around self-exclusion – restrictions can be removed only after the expiration of the agreed period. There are no loopholes in the system: if the user’s data is in the Gamstop database, all UK gaming platforms that cooperate with the organization will automatically block the login attempt.

The only way to how do i cancel gamstop is to contact technical support. Having convincing evidence that self-exclusion was performed by mistake, you can try to persuade representatives to your side.

Unfortunately, in almost all cases, this ends in failure, and the only effective options for cancel gamstop are waiting for the expiration of restrictions, or registering on independent sites.

Advantages / Disadvantages
New games, new providers and new experiences.
More anonymity, more security.
A wider selection of offers and bonuses.
Problems with addiction.
Negative impact on finances, debts and credit rating.

GamStop removal process: general information

The gamstop reversal process can hardly be called easy or fast – some players need to wait several years to remove restrictions or betting limits.

Getting rid of Gamstop restrictions has a number of advantages:

  • The ability to enjoy gambling without limits. Pop-up alerts, restrictions on deposit replenishment, control over gambling activities, kill the desire to return to the platform and make bets. Freeing themselves from the limits, users fall in love with games again and have fun.
  • The opportunity to win real money. For some players, betting on money is a way of earning. The restrictions included in the gamstop self exclusion scheme often have a negative impact on monthly profits.
  • Getting rid of stress. For many Britons, gambling is an effective way to relax and forget about problems for a couple of hours. This is a relatively inexpensive and safe method of relaxation.

But there are also a number of drawbacks that follow the exit from the gamestop uk gambling scheme:

  • An additional temptation for players with a weak psyche. Finding ways around gamstop, addicted players return to destructive habits again – spending most of the day in gamstop casinos and squandering their entire budget.
  • Loss of money. Winning in gambling depends entirely on luck and chance, so the session can end with a complete loss of the pot.
  • It’s harder to stop. Even players with a strong psyche, making bets without restrictions, sometimes exceed the limits and lose more than the planned amount.
  • Apathy and depressed mood. Gambling can successfully relieve accumulated stress, but losing only contributes to a deterioration in mood and additional negative emotions.
Gamstop is a charity dedicated to helping gamblers suffering from addiction. Anyone can voluntarily contact the representatives of the site and put restrictions on gambling activities. This contributes to the prevention of gambling addiction, the preservation of the budget and the absence of additional temptations. But there is a minus - at the moment there are no effective methods of how to cancel gamstop. Having changed his decision, the user will not be able to refuse self-exclusion, he will have to wait for the end of the period of the concluded contract.


  • How do I uninstall GamStop after the exception expires?
    When the gamstop self exclusion expires, the user needs to contact the technical support of the Gamstop website and request the removal of personal information from the database. The request will be considered within a few days.
  • Is it safe to cancel GamStop?
    Yes, but in this case, a person should fully take responsibility for controlling the game session - the available budget and time spent on the site.
  • How do I cancel Gamstop self-exclusion?
    It is not possible to cancel gamstop's self-exclusion before the expiry of the restrictions. The only option is to contact support, providing reasoned evidence that the restrictions were set in error.
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How long does it take to cancel Gamstop?

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