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Today, probably, there is not a single person who would not have heard or did not know what a casino or roulette is. As everyone knows, roulette is a popular gambling game that everyone has tried to play. In fact, roulette is almost the head of the non gamstop casinos, and it’s hard to argue with that. Real money roulettes are “inflated” by simple facts, various rumors and myths.

Casinos with best popular Roulette slots

Free Roulette

Free roulette, which can be played with demo chips, is available in almost every online real money casino in UK not on Gamstop. Therefore, in comparison with the past, even those who do not risk spending money or cryptocurrency on the proposed “candy wrappers” can enjoy the game.

Online roulette in a casino

The easiest way to adjust to gambling is to play online roulette. In this case, everything is outrageously simple, the animation looks like balls on a reel, then random numbers are generated. Honestly, there can be no question of receiving the amount.

Online roulette is no worse than a real attraction. Here, moreover, luck is important, moreover, in order to develop complex strategies, plunge into the world of excitement and achieve great victories. Here you can chat with virtual opponents and dealers, so you can always find yourself in an online non gamstop casinos 2024 at home.

To increase the likelihood of success in the game of roulette, you need to choose mostly the right entertainment in various types of gambling entertainment. Experienced players are more likely to win at French roulette than at American roulette.

Online Roulette with £5 Minimum Deposit is also now popular in the market.

Roulette history

Roulette is a gambling entertainment, the result of which depends on the case. (We do not take into account those times when the ball or structural element was specially made to trick players.) It is a circle divided into 37 homogeneous areas with numbered cells. The player places a bet on a number, a series of numbers or other characteristics and, if guessed correctly, wins.

The word “roulette” is translated from French “roulette” as “wheel”, “slider”. Most likely, for this reason alone, her image is attributed to the medieval French, although in earlier historical documents it was said about identical games with the participation of the wheel. In addition, the French word “roulette” comes from the Latin “rutulus” – a wheel, which leads to reflections on the era of roulette in an even deeper past.

Let’s digress from chronological order and first look at the most popular versions of who invented roulette, which are the most common.

One of them dates back to the 17th century and is often visited by the French. However, it would be a mistake to believe that roulette is the queen of any online casinos without gamstop created just a few hundred years ago. Its prototypes, like other popular gambling games (cards, craps, lotteries), were used in antiquity. We will also prove this in the future. However, it first tells how the famous philosopher and mathematician participated in the creation of one of the popular gambling games.

The published stories about roulette mostly refer to the story of the wheel of fortune being considered a painting by Blaise Pascal. Apparently, he was looking for methods for assembling a perpetual motion machine and experimented with a wheel rotating on an axis. There was no technological breakthrough in mathematics, but the project was useful for other types of research and, as it turned out, entertainment.

From Pascal’s point of view, the inventor of roulette is also helped by the moments that he devoted to mathematical coincidences and for some time spoke with the writer Antoine Gombeau, also known as Cavalier de Mer, who was reputed to be an avid gambler.

Another well-known version is mystical. People are drawn to everything mysterious, mysterious and inexplicable. This is how he described the success of François Blanc, who, together with his brother, founded the first online casinos not on gamstop. Apparently, in order to find out how to get rich at the expense of visitors, he signed an agreement with the devil and made him cover the table with a roulette wheel.

This is about the middle of the nineteenth century, and the game was already widely known then. The devil could only advise the couple to modify the roulette wheel to make it more attractive and profitable. It is argued that the improvement consisted of removing the “double zero” sector from the circle, after which the profitability of the game increased rapidly. The brothers’ profits over several months have shown excellent results. Competitors were forced to reveal the secret and discover that it was such a small thing. But was it really so?

Roulette theories from the distant past

In the 19th century, roulette was already in great demand, and it could be played in any casino in the world, but before it reaches our days and times, when online roulette from a mobile phone, etc. now available to connoisseurs of gambling entertainment. It is fashionable to call online mobile casino not on gamstop roulette, and then, in the virtual world, let’s look at other types, some of which arose several thousand years ago.

Ancient Rome. Fortune telling and rituals

For the first time, instruments that bear some resemblance to the details of a roulette wheel are indicated when describing the fortune-telling of priests and shamans during the time of ancient civilizations.

In ancient Rome, it turned out to be a disk rotating on a vertical rod. Rotate the circular area and roll the cubes over it. When the disc stopped, they read the received signs, believing that this is how the gods expressed their will.

The most obvious thing is that every attribute of gambling that has appeared in our time since ancient times was first used for fortune telling. Hence the huge amount of superstitions among the players – they are inherent on a subconscious level and the belief that our fate is in the hands of the gods, and we give them the right to contribute when we bet on something worthwhile sites not registered with gamstop. By the way, the bright “wheel of fortune” is also closely related to the game of roulette – so they were called only in some states in the Middle Ages.

Roulette prototypes in ancient countries

In tales of American Indians, Greenlandic Eskimos, and ancient Indian civilization, there are references to the spinning top with arrow pointers. It should be noted that when the first Christian diocese was founded in Greenland in 1126, the bishop said in his report to Rome that the locals were playing a “disgusting game.” The idea was that everyone made bets, and then the arrow rotated on the axis, and whoever it indicated when to stop this took the “prize pool.” According to them, the Viking Leif Erikson brought the game back from his own journey to the shores of Labrador.

These territories cover different parts of the globe, and it is difficult to say whether these peoples considered this type of entertainment separately or were able to get directions from one source.

There are other variants of the origin of gambling roulette in the Middle Ages. However, most likely it would be more correct to attribute them to those variations that the game acquired using attributes such as a wheel and a ball.

Roulette types

Today, in online casinos and on sites non on Gamestop, you can see several varieties of roulette, which differ in zero sectors and the ability to place bets on them.

European roulette

With a single zero sector that players cannot place bets on. When the ball reaches zero, all the chips on the table go into the pot. This cell gives the casino basically 2.7%. Roulette players can bet on the ball on a color (red or black), an even or odd number, a range (1-18 or 19-36), or a specific number. The dealer spins the ball over the roulette wheel, which moves in the opposite direction to the rotation of the roulette wheel, and finally hits one of the sectors. Everyone who makes a bet (color, range, even, odd or number) wins. European roulette is the most popular type of roulette in UK.

American Roulette

amerykanskaruletkaThere are sectors “0” and “00”. In the case of this type, the house has a 5.3% advantage. In addition, the order of the numbers in the cell numbering is slightly different. In land-based clubs, the American roulette tables are slightly smaller and the betting table is clearer to appeal to less experienced players. The American version of roulette is considered to be more dynamic and faster. Players prefer to play this version because of its simple rules. In America, roulette was first mentioned in New Orleans in the early 19th century. Nowadays, American roulette is a very popular game of chance. Both European and American roulette are almost a must-play in every casino.

French roulette

French roulette is not much different from American roulette. Zero sector is equal to one, however, the profit of the casino is reduced by about 1.35%, which makes this type of wheel of fortune the most attractive in terms of mathematical expectations. The percentage of casinos is minimal, thanks to the so-called “prison rule”. With this in mind, even odds (1 to 1) bets on a “0” fall remain on the table. If they win on the next spin, the players take them back. However, this is the bet itself! The jackpot is no longer credited to it.
Although roulette with double “zero” is called American roulette, this type first appeared in France, but took root more in the States.

Play roulette without registration or download

If you are just learning the rules and have never played before, it is best to research as much information as possible before sending amounts to any uk sites not on gamstop. In the Actual form, you can always find an experienced player who is ready to advise beginners. In addition, there is a section with free online casino games.

Free Roulette gives you the opportunity to understand every aspect of the game, understand it as much as possible and make sure that gambling is always at risk.

Roulette game on the phone

For lovers of roulette, the mobile model that appeared not so long ago has become an obvious gift. Its rules correspond to the chosen type of game: American or European. There are no differences, but there are some great convenience benefits:

  • mobile roulette is almost always in the player’s pocket.

This means that he can always connect to the operator and place bets. You can also get no deposit roulette bonuses from your smartphone without spending any money.

But this is not the only benefit of having access to gadgets.

Mobile roulette allows you not only to play for luck, but also to try other strategies without waiting for the computer to be at hand. As soon as a new mathematical idea came to mind and approximate calculations were made, you can take out your smartphone and find guesses in practice. Plus, playing roulette on a mobile phone is as easy as playing on a computer. Cellular also has a free demo mode that you can play without registration.

Roulette rules and bets

Drawing analogies with similar games such as blackjack and poker, players generally prefer to use proven betting systems when playing online roulette.

It does not take time or energy to provide examples of possible and effective methods. Moreover, their practical effectiveness depends on the experience and ingenuity of the players.

Internal rates

It should be understood that the ball does not have its own memory or the back is somehow connected to it. It all depends on the case, because the same amount occurs several times in a row and there is no pattern in this. In addition, according to the study, most scientists popularly explained that it is impossible to win at roulette using any system. But is there anyone else who could beat the tricky rules of uk casinos not on gamstop roulette?

Outside Bets

In addition, people are known who have managed to win at the casino. Well, it has long been known for sure that these were excellent scammers with thieves, or rather, just smart guys who managed to find flaws in the work of the non gamstop casinos uk and actively take advantage of them. A striking example is Pierre Dugal, who entered casino outside gamstop a long time ago and made the necessary changes to roulette in order to cheat. Pierre’s end was bad because he was arrested and ended up in prison. The second brave hero was Charles Wells.

Game progress

There was also engineer Joseph Jagger who was able to identify the imperfect condition of the roulette wheel. With the help of his own ingenuity and assistants, Joseph figured out which number combinations fell the most, which helped him win a large sum and become a businessman. In general, you will notice that in order to win in the tough strategy of playing roulette in the no deposit casino not on gamstop, you need to have an unusual mindset.

Strategies and tactics useful during the game

Martingale is one of the most popular roulette strategies.

strategieruletkiThis is a gambling system in which bets are placed on winning 1 to 1, and in case of a loss, the next bet is raised twice. Practice shows that this system has many disadvantages: a large reserve of funds is needed in order not to deviate from the strategy in the event of a series of losses. Moreover, even the fourth and fifth breakdowns can be expensive, not to mention the following. It so happened that one and the same shade fell out one after another more than 10 times.

Later, an improved Martengeil strategy appeared. In case of two losses, he offers to skip 2 rounds, then make a double bet again and, in case of failure, return to the original bet:

  • Round 1 – lose $ 10;
  • 2 – a lost bet of $ 20;
  • 3, 4 – delivered;
  • 5 is a $ 40 bet that will bring you back to 10 regardless of the outcome.

This type allows you to remain at a stable plus without significant losses.

So, let's summarize. Online casinos put dignity on the roulette wheel - it's time. There is really nothing you can do about this advantage - there are two of it. Pick the right roulette (avoid American roulette, choose French) and don't let this feeling take over your mind - luck doesn't come to fanatics and you can fall into deep failure. Being able to stop quickly and not place big bets is the key to a successful roulette game.


  • ✅ What is Roulette?
    Roulette is a gambling game that is the main attribute of any online casino. It is also commonly referred to as "Satan's game" because the sum of all the numbers in the game reaches "666".
  • ✅ How to play online roulette?
    To play, just read the rules of the game. First, never bet on a specific number. Also, do not bet on black and red.
  • ✅ Where to play online roulette?
    You can visit any casino. Various types of roulette are available for every taste.
  • ✅ How does online roulette work?
    It works very easily. There are numbers from 0 to 36 on the roulette wheel. This is European roulette. In American roulette there is an additional 38th number - "00". Be afraid of American roulette, you have twice as many chances to play as European roulette.
  • ✅ How to win at online roulette?
    To win, you just need to study the main winning combinations. To win, bet 5 chips at a time, closing 5 blocks of 6 numbers (also called "six lines").
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