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Britain has always been a gambling nation. A culture of horse racing and lotteries and poker tournaments has existed since the Middle Ages. But since 2009, the EU has seen a major change in legislation for the gambling industry. An established internal board announced a move towards loyalty, but in practice, while allowing online casinos within the country, it banned long-established brands from operating. As a result, independent casinos that did not obtain a European licence were essentially outlawed, although they lost few players.

The second round of tightening regulations came in 2012. The European regulator imposed severe restrictions on the advertising of rapidly emerging online casinos and design requirements for gambling rooms. It was from this point on the pages appeared end-to-end warnings about financial risks, and the list of bonuses disappeared from the starting no deposit and large rewards for an increase in the average check. Those left out of the legal field of independent online casinos offshore regulations ignored these requirements.

The UK casinos had the hardest time in 2017, when the country officially withdrew from the EU, but left the same regulation, in addition to it collecting its own register of rules. As a result, only independent casinos UK remained with some types of machines, jackpots and no deposit bonuses in general. Projects that try to operate legally were obliged to pass on customer information to law enforcement agencies, as well as monitor the amount of money that players leave in the casino. The UK-regulated halls have banned the use of social cards, and are required to pay taxes on every winnings. Those that refused to obtain domestic casino sites were more attractive against this background. This was the reason of growing popularity of offshore casinos – licensed, but under the rules of other states. The availability of the Internet makes it possible to use such services even from the UK. Some of the inconveniences are compensated by large bonuses, loyalty and privacy of personal data of the client.

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How do I choose an independent UK online casino?

The lack of an in-house licence does not mean that new independent casinos UK can operate without permits and controls. It means that brand new independent casino simply has not been allowed to operate as a UK company. In addition to the UK licence, there are also regulated projects operating in the territory:

  • offshore Malta, Curacao, Cyprus;
  • European Netherlands, Sweden;
  • CIS Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Any licensed independent slot sites in those countries are fully supervised and respect customer rights, which means they provide the required payout percentage and quality of independent software. The only difference is that their software is largely identical and supplied by the same manufacturers. The only difference is in the principles of service and formal authorisation.

Selection criteria other than the licence:

  • the range and variety of slots;
  • the depth of the bonus programme, taking into account the interests of users from different groups;
  • financial policy loyalties;
  • the simplicity and usability of the website itself;
  • the ability to play from a mobile phone.

A demo where you can check that all the stated conditions really are there will be an added plus.

Best Independent Online Casino UK 2024

Bonuses at independent online casinos in the UK

The UK license is the strictest. Many bonuses and promotions are banned because, according to the regulator, they encourage cheating. The new independent casinos that operate under different rules actively take advantage of this. They offer all types of promotions available:

  • Start-up programmes – including no deposit and with an incentive to switch to real money;
  • Loyalty programmes – rewarding players for their long-term association with independent online casinos;
  • reload bonuses – random and temporary promotions that stimulate an increase in average check or activity.

Many independent online casinos uk do not announce such promotions in advertisements or on the homepage so as not to incur sanctions and blocking by domestic regulatory bodies, but they are on the promotions pages.

The only condition common to all types of regulation is a ban on bonus slavery. All programmes that restrict withdrawals are banned without customer initiative.

Gambling at independent casinos in the UK

The range of games at independent casinos is often identical to those licensed under local rules. The principle of software supply is the same – the gambling hall simply buys a subscription from the manufacturer, which uploads a slot or broadcast to the site. In general, independent online casinos uk supply the same destinations and types of entertainment:

  • slot machines and slots;
  • card games in single-player and live mode;
  • roulette with different rules;
  • salon and quest games.

The choice of entertainment in independent casino sites depends on the users’ own preferences. In each region, the list of hits on the tab, which is collected automatically depending on the percentage of time users spend on a particular page, is different. The most popular games in new independent casinos uk are table games.

Bingo and Lotto are traditionally in demand. These national lotteries have moved from real betting points to online. Players buy cards on which the numbers are pre-arranged or available for selection and wait for the draw. Even if it’s a multiplayer mode, the benefits are obvious – the real draw may only take place a couple of times a day, while online draws may take place once every few minutes. Scratch cards, in which you have to erase several fields and guess the combination, have also moved to online casinos.

Cards are very popular – poker fans who can’t afford to travel to poker rooms in Las Vegas play online. Casinos can present training tables against automatons and live competitions with like-minded players.

Classic slots are also in demand, and the choice of these types of machines shows all the conservatism of this audience. Fruit machines and three-line machines with card denominations are popular. Less popular are multi-level machines with bonus games and freespins. But, taking advantage of the regulation’s loyalty, players are eager to enter the race for the jackpot.

Popular slots in Independent casino

Blackjack Caribbean
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Eye of horus slot
Eye of Horus
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Fruit Sensation DX
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Fishing Frenzy slot machine
Fishin Frenzy
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Rainbow Riches
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American Roulette
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gonzo's quest
Gonzo’s Quest
Play now Demo game
Hot Chance Deluxe
Play now Demo game
Banana go Bahamas 2
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Payment methods at independent online casinos in the UK

Payment functionality is one of the main criteria for choosing an online casino. Today’s brand new independent casino can afford dozens of ways to fund your account:

  • bank cards and bank accounts;
  • electronic wallets and online payment systems;
  • prepaid cards, stock exchange cheques;
  • online transfers from your mobile phone balance.

In the new independent casinos UK, the cryptocurrency industry is also actively developing. This measure is forced. European gambling halls often impose controls on transactions – a player has to prove the legality of the origin of the money and prove that no allowance money is being spent on gambling.

Modern independent online casinos UK do everything possible to ensure that transactions are safe and secure. All payments are traditionally made on secure pages, these gateways are encrypted, so details are not threatened. Other measures can be put in place to protect it, including those that are unpopular with players. The gambling hall may ask you to link your card to your account so that the balance cannot be used by an intruder or require verification. In any case, the rules in independent online casinos are much more democratic. Withdrawal in most cases is close to instant. It does not take more than a day to complete the transaction. Licensed casinos may require up to a week to verify the legality of payment and payment of taxes.

Advantages / Disadvantages
An assortment of games.
An extensive bonus range.
Lack of Gamestop.
There is no obligation to pay taxes.
Simple financial rules.
Working with rare providers.
Difficulties with access, possible blockages.
Lack of software in the app shop.
Problems with the legalisation of income.

Features of independent online casinos

Apart from the fact that there is no local regulation, independent online casinos are no different from those licensed in the UK. They are also safe and secure. They are run by a team of support staff who do not have access to the slot code itself, but do maintain the platform. Their functions are:

  • registration control – checking the uniqueness of the account and preventing bonus-hunting;
  • ensuring uninterrupted access to online casinos UK, including when the site is blocked;
  • monitoring transfers and liaising with payment system and instrument support representatives;
  • communicating with users and helping them learn the functionality of the site.

At new independent casinos, it is customary to employ staff who speak 2 or 3 languages. English is almost always on that list. This is why players from the UK have no problem using the functionality.

You can also ask technical support for a self-ban, a counterpart to the GamStop system. The support team should ask for a temporary ban and specify the time limit. The restriction can only be lifted with a reasoned request, and not often.

The stricter the local regulation, the more popular independent casinos become. For the UK, independent online casinos have practically become the only way to play without controlling spending and time spent on the site. Bonus programs that independent casinos uk can drive up the user's income by 3-5%, and at times give second chances (cashback and insurance). Considering that independent casino sites are uncontroversial, there is no point in arguments to adhere to local regulation.


  • What's the best independent online casino in the UK 2023?
    There are a lot of new independent casinos. The ranking on this page gives a brief overview. When choosing independent online casinos, you can be guided by the list given.
  • What is an independent online casino?
    In the UK, independent casinos uk are projects that are not locally regulated but accept players from the country. A licence can be obtained from any other regulator.
  • Is it legal to gamble at independent online casinos in the UK?
    Independent casino sites operating in other countries. From the point of view of law brand new independent casino are legal, although they cannot operate in the country (have representative offices). It is not forbidden for citizens to register in new independent casinos uk - the Internet has no borders.
  • What payment methods are available at independent online casinos in the UK?
    You can specify any currency you like in independent slot sites. If you don't have pounds, dollars or euros are fine. The type of currency entered does not matter, it can even be bitcoins. The site will automatically make the exchange.
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