Horse racing not on Gamstop in UK 2024

Virtually all UK bookmakers offer visitors the opportunity to bet on horse racing. Horse racing betting sites that are not included in Gamstop are particularly popular with UK punters. Here, you can bet on different types of events and do not have to worry about the safety of your money. The betting sites offer an unprecedented level of security, the fundamental principles of fairness and transparency of transactions, and a support service.

The main advantage is the wide choice of games, as well as the many ways to make deposits and withdraw winnings. Sites that offer betting on horses online are required to be licensed in an offshore jurisdiction. Visitors from the UK can legally make horse bets online, using both personal computers and mobile phones. Real money is accepted for betting. Therefore, all the payouts received, if the bet wins, can be withdrawn from the betting shop’s account and spent as they see fit.

There are many races in the UK in 2024, featuring some of the country’s best horses and athletes. Some races are even attended by royalty. The organisation of these events is top-notch. Therefore, horse racing betting sites uk customers can not only increase their wealth, but also enjoy the race during the live broadcasts.


History of horse racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports that originated in the tribes of Central Asia. As for Great Britain, horse racing began to be considered a professional sport in the 12th century. In the 17th century, Charles II organised the first tournaments, the winners of which were awarded valuable gifts. But Queen Anne made a special contribution to the development of horse racing in the UK. It was during her reign that not only winners of races started to receive real money as prizes, but also spectators who bet on their favourite horses. Today, punters can choose the best horse racing betting sites to enjoy horse racing and earn from their hobby.

At horse racing betting sites uk, visitors have access to a large number of events, both local and worldwide. Here, it is possible to bet on games played in other countries. Modern horse racing bookmakers offer their customers a great experience, with a wide betting line-up, many top rated events and high odds. Moreover, players do not need to be present at the races. You can bet on your favourite horse even from your mobile phone on the way to work or school. The sites offer broadcasts and analysis from professional athletes.

Criteria for judging the best horse racing bookmakers not on Gamstop

Of course, not all horse racing bookmakers are worthy of consideration by UK punters. The choice of a bookmaker should be approached as responsibly as possible, taking into account a number of important factors:

  • The number of events on offer. The more games available on the website, the more profitable betting online horse racing will be. Thanks to the variety of choices, customers will be able to find the horse racing option that suits them best and place a bet that is guaranteed to win.
  • Availability of live streaming. Being able to follow events at the racetrack in real time is a fantastic advantage. Moreover, some bets are taken during the race. And for that, it is important to be aware of all the events.
  • A variety of payment methods. In order to place a bet, the visitor must deposit real money into the bookmaker’s account. And the more ways to make financial transactions available to the player, the better. Many bookmaker’s websites allow the use of payment cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrency.
  • Security and privacy. Many sites that offer uk horse racing betting use innovative algorithms and technology to provide an unprecedented level of security. Bookmakers guarantee visitors’ privacy.

Another rather important aspect is accessibility. Betting on horse racing is accepted from different types of devices. You can use computers, mobile phones, tablets. The main thing is that the device must have access to the internet.

Types of horse racing UK 2024

Horse racing competitions are regularly held around the world. Also popular with punters are horse betting sites uk, which operate out of Gamstop’s field of vision. These horse racing betting sites uk are usually licensed by Curacao or Malta. Clients of betting shops should pay attention to the following types of competitions before betting on horse racing:

  • The Cheltenham Festival is the biggest event in the UK and lasts for 4 days. There are 28 different games during this tournament. Many international bookies for horse racing offer betting on the races taking place as part of this festival.
  • The Royal Ascot is a 5-day event that is inextricably linked to the royal family. Bookmakers offer high odds for betting on the horse racing that takes place at this tournament.
  • Goodwood is an event held at one of the world’s most beautiful racecourses. Winning at these races will be both financially and morally rewarding.

There are many different types of betting available to players on horse racing bookies today. You can bet during tournaments, choose new events in advance or bet on proven athletes. Bets are accepted from a PC or mobile device. Only real money can be used. Players who decide to bet on horse racing have to select the best option in advance, taking into account their own preferences and style of play.



Mobile betting sites are best suited to players who prefer to play anywhere, anytime. Visitors to uk horse racing betting sites can enjoy their game wherever they have access to the internet. The main advantage of such sites is that they are optimized for different types of mobile devices. Many sites work equally well on smartphones and computers. Thanks to the extensive functionality, players can transfer real money to their account, place bets and enjoy winning from their ordinary phone.


Betting on live horse racing is an exciting event. All conditions are created for players to feel that they are not at a mobile phone or computer screen, but at a real racetrack. You can make horse bets online with or against other players. Visitors are offered many ways to make a deposit. You can use bank cards or e-wallets to transfer real money to the bookmaker’s account. In addition, a large number of games of different levels are available on the website. And immediately after winning, visitors to horse racing betting sites can get their winnings in any way that is convenient for them.


Players who like fresh ideas should sign up with a betting site that has new offers. As a rule, these are new sites for betting online horse racing, where there are promising features for an exciting and interesting game. Before registering on a new site and transferring real money to a deposit, one should make sure that the bookmaker is licensed and guarantees the security of its customers. If the player chooses the right site, he will be able to bet on horse racing from mobile devices and will also receive timely winnings if he wins.

Advantages / Disadvantages
Non-Gamstop betting sites ensure that offers are available to all UK visitors;
Players are offered a large number of games at different levels;
After winning, you can withdraw real money from your bookmaker's account in any way you like;
Betting can be done on different devices (PCs, tablets, mobile phones) that have access to the internet.
Weak opportunities for self-exclusion.
The UK is home to many popular racecourses for horse riding. The country regularly hosts horse racing events, which attract not only locals but also tourists. Some races are also attended by members of the royal family, giving the event an even more respectable feel. Given the popularity of horse racing in Britain, many of the best horse racing betting sites offer great deals for betting clients. Players can go online and research all of the upcoming events, look at the analytics, and develop their own strategies to play effectively. In addition, horse racing betting sites uk guarantee the privacy of personal information, use multiple ways to transfer real money to your account, and are available to play on mobile devices. And if players win, they can count on a quick withdrawal of their winnings.


  • Is horse racing betting legal?
    Yes. All UK players can legally use horse racing bookmakers that are not part of Gamstop. These sites are usually licensed by Curacao or Malta, which indicates a high level of gaming security and the quality of offers available.
  • Does Gamstop affect horse racing betting?
    Gamers from the UK who prefer to bet on horses online have access to sites that are not affected by Gamstop. This means that everyone without exception can make horse bets online on PCs or mobile phones, transfer real money into their account and enjoy the wins.
  • Is horse racing betting not on Gamstop safe?
    Yes. UK horse racing betting on sites that do not involve Gamstop is perfectly safe and secure.
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