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Gambling has always been an integral part of human life. The feeling of winning, the passion and competitive spirit, the desire to test your luck. It’s familiar to everyone. But unfortunately, despite the fact that online gambling has become popular, certain restrictions have emerged. Some countries, including the UK, legalize gambling activities with many conditions and “Buts” that hinder fun. GamStop is one such aspect.

We will tell you how and where to find malta new casinos not on gamestop, which are happy to welcome new players to their sites. In doing so, we’ll talk about all the possible pros and cons of MGA casino, the safety of playing in Malta and answer popular questions.

What is an MGA licence?

Malta is no different from other civilised countries which have long ago adopted, permitted and licensed gambling activities at the state level. Malta casinos are some of the most famous and successful in the world. At the same time, they are open to a large number of players from all over the world, including the UK. And all thanks to the MGA. What is MGA casino?

MGA – Malta Gaming Authority. Simply put, it is Malta’s government body that licenses online casinos and gambling sites, as well as other entities involved in the gambling industry.

The licence does not only affect Malta’s online casino sites. A large number of countries in Europe and around the world are trying to get themselves licensed and register their business as an MGA casino. This is because this license also applies to physical gaming establishments. This is how many countries in Asia, Europe and even North America operate.

The Malta Gambling Authority has a great deal of credibility with the global community, having been in operation since 2001. The Authority’s main tasks are:

  • Ensuring a fair gaming environment, both for the player and the casino owners.
  • Control of all facilities and activities that involve gambling activities.
  • Monitoring of tournaments and games played in the establishments.

It is this commission that decides whether or not to issue an MGA licence.

How does a Malta casino check without a Gamstop?

Since the commission is a public body, all its activities and decisions are subject to strict control and monitoring, the licensing process is unbiased, according to protocol. In order for a casino MGA to obtain a licence, the following sub-items are checked:

  1. All persons involved in the financial operations of the company applying for mga casino status are checked.
  2. The applicant company must provide a project plan for the future development and growth of its gambling business.
  3. Provide access to a business plan for malta casinos.

Once the above sub-paragraphs have been successfully passed, the gambling establishment is given “trial” status for 60 days: whether it is a malta casinos online or any other establishment in Europe.

If there are no problems, irregularities or complaints from gamblers within 60 days, the company is granted a 10-year licence.

Within the next 10 years, there will be two comprehensive inspections of the gambling establishment. If irregularities are found in the operation of the venue, the licence may be revoked.

Best casino sites in Malta not on Gamstop

And here is a small list of Malta casinos not on gamstop. Each of the establishments below is representative of the casinos mga category.

Getting an MGA licence

It is not enough for malta casinos to get a licence to check the documentation. There are many other aspects of the commission. The licensing procedure for UK casinos and Malta casinos not on gamstop is the same. The country is not important. The process will take place according to the following points and steps:

Step 1: Setting up a casino. This can be either malta casinos online or physical gambling houses.

Step 2: A request is made to the Malta Gambling Authority.

Step 3. The process of checking the site and brand against the quality criteria begins.

Step 4. If all the procedures are successful and the committee has no questions, the brand becomes the lucky winner of one of the licences.

The Malta Gambling Commission issues 4 different types of licence for different types of business.

Class 1. This class includes casinos and venues that provide players with a choice of classic games, slots and table games. That said, there are also a few conditions for obtaining and retaining a licence:

  • The holder of a Class 1 licence is required to retain a share capital of 83,400 GBP.
  • Monthly tax (first 6 months of employment) is 3,900 GBP.
  • The monthly tax for the duration of the licence is 5,800 GBP.

Class 2.  This category includes providers who allow manipulation and play with fixed stakes, betting and offer spread betting.

  • The holder of a Class 2 licence is required to retain a share capital of 83,400 GBP.
  • The tax rate is 0.5% of the total bets.

Class 3: This includes poker networks and other P2P projects: betting exchanges, gaming portals.

  • The holder of a Class 3 licence is required to retain a share capital of 33,400 GBP.
  • The tax rate is 5% of the company’s real income.

Class 4. Designed for software providers, not ISPs. This licence is special and can never be used to provide casino services or online betting platforms.

  • The holder of a Class 4 licence is required to retain a share capital of 33,400 GBP.
  • The licence is tax-free for the first 6 months.
  • The tax rate for the next 6 months will be 1,900 GBP.
  • The tax rate will be 3,800 GBP for the duration of the licence.

Pros and cons of MGA

If you want to play casinos MGA, but so that they are malta casino not on GamStop, there are several such options. These sites are the only but reliable solution for many UK players.

  • Harry’s Casino is one of the best resources for nitrous gaming enthusiasts. The casino is both licensed and has an impeccable reputation in front of its players. All the classic game options are there, from slots, to table games. There are plenty of promotional offers: for newcomers, experienced players, and temporary offers with unique bonuses.
  • SlotsNBets Casino is an interesting representative. This site has neither an MGA license nor a tie-in to GamStop. That’s what makes it a unique platform for players of its kind. A responsive support team that operates 24/7 and a robust user data protection system is a sign of a reliable platform.
  • The Red Lion Casino. This site is licensed by Curacao. And that makes it a great alternative for players who don’t want to play casinos in malta with GamStop. A large number of games and entertainment for gamblers from all over the world. The license from Curacao is also listed in many countries around the world and is considered an indicator of quality and reliability. It’s just that the rules under which it operates are different from those of Malta.

The perks of playing the game without GameStop:

  1. Casinos Malta without GamStop accepts players who have been banned or suspended from gaming for an extended period;
  2. Such sites support all credit cards. It’s easier and more popular than alternative options for funding an in-game wallet;
  3. They work practically all over Europe;
  4. There is no lengthy user verification process: a simple registration, a simple creation of a personal account and you can start playing straight away.


  1. Casinos in Malta without Gamstop do not partner with GamCare;
  2. Do not support Boku payments. All casinos that are categorised as not on Gamstop are deprived of this option to fund wallets and in-game accounts;
  3. Malta online casinos are a poor choice for players with addictions. There is no block system if a player starts gambling or spending too much time gambling.

There are a few disadvantages, but they are not significant. They are rather situational in nature. Since most of the functionality and security guarantees are present in all malta online casinos that operate without Gamstop service.

MGA casinos without a gamstop can be safely recommended to most players, both from the UK and the rest of the world. At the very least, to get to know the services better and test the quality of their work.

A licence from a government agency, the MGA, is a great thing. It shows not only that the casino is licensed and safe for gamblers, but also the level of quality. After all, the company conducts a comprehensive analysis of the site before issuing a licence. Starting with the business plan and prospects/development plans, to regular inspections, screening of performance and feedback from gamblers. Therefore, Malta casinos online are reliable sites used by millions of gamblers from all over the world. MGA casinos, which have obtained a Maltese licence, can rightly be called some of the best in their segment.


  • Where can I find an MGA casino not on GamStop?
    The list of such platforms is long. There are not a few of them. You just have to search the internet for lists and top platforms.
  • Is it legal for a player from the UK to play at a malta gaming authority casino?
    Yes, of course. It's perfectly legal. Casinos MGA are safe and legal venues where players can feel safe.
  • Is it safe to play at an MGA casino?
    Of course it is safe. The Commission, which has been in charge of issuing licences since 2001, is a government agency. Before a gambling establishment is granted a licence, every aspect of its activity and operation is thoroughly monitored. And only after that, the establishment gets the status of MGA casino.
  • Alternative to casinos in Malta without GamStop?
    We have shown several sites that fall into the category of Malta casinos not on gamstop. Among them: The Red Lion Casino, Very Well Casino, Agent NoWager Casino, 888 Tiget Casino Casino.
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