Scratch cards of the UK in 2024

Today, the world of gambling in the UK, as well as the rest of the world, is becoming more diverse and interesting. So today, new games are appearing and old ones are constantly being improved and supplemented, so that you can enjoy the best gaming offerings and never get bored.

And amongst so many options for how you can spend your leisure time, scratch cards are still relevant and quite popular. It’s here in the UK that they are truly popular and preferred by millions of players. So, here’s a look at what the best scratch cards are, and why the British love them so much.

What are online scratch cards?

Online scratch card games are games for luck that can be played for free or for real money on licensed gambling platforms. They can be considered a digital version of the classic scratch cards that can be found in grocery or magazine shops, or in stalls and physical lotteries. In addition, due to their simple rules and easy accessibility, they are now particularly popular in the UK, where they are organised and run by the National Lottery.

Today you can find a wide range of scratch cards to play at most online casinos, some software developers have even made them a central part of their portfolio!

In most cases, to play scratch cards online, all you have to do is find an online casino where they take place, register an account and choose a suitable game.


free scratch cards no deposit win real money ukIn fact, if you choose free scratch cards, you don’t need to make a deposit. You just open the game site and start playing! When you play a game with scratch cards uk online, in most cases your goal is to identify 3 identical symbols.

  1. You purchase a scratch card;
  2. Select the “buy” button;
  3. Click on the places you think contain the winning symbols;
  4. They are automatically erased and you check to see if there are any matches;
  5. You got it? You win!

Popular scratch card games and variations

When playing new scratch cards, you may notice that they all have a great variety, compared to the same distinctions but which you can find in your local shop. That’s why playing online is much more rewarding and you won’t get bored. Check out what great scratch cards are available to you today at online casinos and specialist websites:

  • Microgaming scratch cards

A favourite for many, the scratch card from Microgaming is Whack a Jackpot, which is designed like a traditional Whack a Mole game and has an excellent RTP of 96.3%.

Bowled Over is a popular scratch card from Microgaming that features 2 single card games. You’ll find yourself on the cricket lawn, and in the first game click the balls to identify players and corresponding prizes. If you have 3 matches, the prize is yours. In the second game you’ll discover the multiplier to your prize, click on the ball and if there’s a win animation you’ll win with the multiplier shown. Don’t worry, if you don’t win in the second round, you will keep all your winnings from the first game.

Granny Prix is also a hilarious game where you’ll find old ladies racing go-karts and a jackpot of 2,500 coins. Many people also like Hand to Hand, which is based on the game Rock Paper Scissors. Pick a criss-cross line to guess the same hand movement of your opponent and see who wins! With this card you have 5 tries.

  • Scratch cards from Playtech

Playtech scratch cards are often based on casino games. For example, the Blackjack scratch card, where you have to reveal 3 cards to find your payout. In Roulette, you’ll have five games where you have to reveal the number you’ve bet on, followed by the number on the roulette wheel. There’s also Beetle Bingo, where the bingo balls are colourful bugs. The bugs crawl out of the jar and hide under the leaves. Uncover the leaves to find out your numbers and the prize. There are also no deposit scratch cards based on films such as Rocky and Spamalot.

  • Scratch cards from NetEnt

Known as NetEnt, this Swedish group is renowned for its high production values and top-notch graphics. Their scratch card games come with tools such as a coin or car key to choose from. Popular games include Zodiac, where you have to get at least two characters to match. In the Bubbles game, you’ll have to burst the balls rather than scratch them to unlock the prizes.

Casino non gamstop scratch cards

How do scratch cards work online?

Essentially, online scratch cards work in the same way as traditional scratch cards, but with slight changes.

You need to make a deposit, buy a card and wipe off the protective layers. Some places, on the other hand, offer scratch cards no deposit bonus, where you can have fun for free with the incentive money.

But there are other differences in these games. Instead of using a coin to wipe away the protective layer and reveal hidden symbols, you use the buttons on the screen to set the bet and scratch the surface of the card with repetitive mouse movements. In a number of games, you simply have to click on the fields you want to open.

Also, depending on the structure of the card, the question “how to play scratch cards” may have a completely different answer, as in other cases you may need to cross out 3 or more areas hiding different numbers or symbols. If you get matching groups of symbols, you win an instant cash prize!

Scratch card games online are extremely popular, as are other lucky games such as lottery, bingo or keno. They are accessible to almost everyone, and require no special abilities or strategies. Best of all, you’ll know when you’ve won or lost in just seconds!

How do I choose an online scratch card casino?

scratch cards no depositTo start playing free scratch card games safely, you don’t want to be careless about the resource you plan to gamble on. It’s whether you choose a safe and trustworthy establishment or still opt for a fraudulent site that will determine the fate of your finances and gaming experience. That’s why you should choose the online scratch card casino very carefully and consider each and every aspect carefully. Here are some of the criteria that an institution should definitely comply with:

  • Availability of a licence

If you are looking for a reliable resource, you will not find anything better than a platform that is licensed. A licence can be at least some sort of guarantee for the integrity and quality of the site. So, with a license, the institution commits to always undergo inspections and adhere to the established quality, which is why such casinos are usually the coolest.

  • Games

The best online casinos have impressive gaming lobbies that feature a fair variety of classic and modern games. Therefore, you should choose sites with plenty of real scratch cards, slots, table games, poker, keno, slingo, craps and other entertainment. Then you won’t get bored, and you’ll always know what you can do in your spare time.

  • Cool promotions and bonuses

Reputable gambling platforms strive to provide their audiences with generous bonuses and promotions. Therefore, when choosing an institution, take a closer look at the range of gifts it is prepared to offer you. If the institution is not generous, it speaks volumes and such sites are best avoided.

  • A good range of payment options

It is very important to play on sites with a wide range of not only scratch cards, but also bank options that can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and cryptocurrency should be on the list. In addition, the banking requirements should be acceptable and not too high.

Scratch cards in a mobile casino

For the last decade, mobile entertainment has been displacing standard entertainment behind PCs and even games in physical establishments, which is why every provider today is keen to offer their customers games on smartphones. The developers of scratch card games have therefore also been forced to follow this trend and have now developed hundreds of games that can be played seamlessly from their mobile device.

This means that nowadays any fan of mobile scratch cards can easily enjoy their games anywhere and have fun at any time. What’s more, you just have to go to the casino’s website in your browser and start playing. A number of online casinos mobile also offer you personalised applications containing some of the most exclusive and best scratch cards so you can have the fun with them anytime you want.

Advantages / Disadvantages
The rules are very simple;
It's easy to win;
You can play indefinitely and cheaply;
Common and can be found anywhere.
Often the prizes are not large.
Scratch card games are a simple and easily accessible way to spend your free time in a cool and enjoyable way. Here, you don't need to memorize dozens of rules and spend a lot of time mastering the game. In scratch card uk online you just have to try to understand the principle of the game, and you can play any scratch card whenever you want. So it's no wonder why such games are becoming popular all over the world.


  • What's the best scratch card in the UK?
    There is no single best scratch card, because every player has their own taste and favourite version of the game. That's why you should try a few of the top offerings in person to see which game appeals to you most.
  • Are there scratch cards without a deposit in the UK?
    Yes, no deposit scratch cards are gaining popularity in the UK today, as are scratch cards no deposit bonus games. However, for the most part, such entertainment is not capable of giving you the chance to win real prizes.
  • How to play scratch cards and win?
    To win in scratch cards, all the player needs to do is guess three hidden boxes (there are more boxes in a row of cards) with the same symbols and collect the gift. You may also need to cross out a line of symbols, depending on the card chosen.
  • Do all online casinos offer scratch card games online?
    Most online casinos in the UK today offer scratch cards. This entertainment is extremely popular, which is why all platforms are keen to offer it.
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