Cashback bonus at online casinos UK

Casino Cashback is one of the popular bonuses, which involves giving back a portion of the money spent by the player. Any player who chooses board games and slots in the virtual hall, but fails to achieve a win from play, has the opportunity to get a refund of part of the money spent. The main condition is a serious difference between the amount spent and the payout. Usually only the period for which there were deposits but no cashout is taken into account. The main advantage of casino cashback bonus – payout real money or minimum vager, ie wagering second time you do not have to. But there is also no point in withdrawing it. The main purpose of cashback is to give the user a second chance, when a lot has been invested in the slots, but the payout cycle has not been caught. A refund allows you to wait for it. The principle of accrual and percentage is set by the administration of a particular  online casino, in some cases adding additional game moments to the essence of the promotion.

Best online casinos with Cashback Bonus in 2024

What is a cashback bonus

In the example of online shopping, it is difficult to understand what is a cashback bonus, although there are some common features. Cashback bonus in casinos is a return of a portion of the funds for those periods when the funds were invested, but the profits from playing with win did not bring real money and the account player again remained zero (the established minimum amount). The most annoying thing in this situation is that after a cycle of losing you will surely win, but you do not always have the possibility to enter funds again. At this point, the administration offers to get a small refund to try and wait for the payback cycle. This is both a consolation prize and a chance to stay afloat and even reach a positive balance.

The mechanics of the programme vary from casino to casino. Popular algorithms:

  1. Partial refund for the period from the top-up – only those days when there were no withdrawals. In addition, there may be a time limit, e.g. a percentage of the amount deposited within a week can be ordered.
  2. A permanent refund of part of the funds for a certain period, if the player’s balance is negative for those days. The refund can be daily or weekly.
  3. A kind of insurance for a certain period – the first days after registration, the week after your birthday or the period won on Wheel of Fortune. The casino promises that if the investment does not turn a profit, the player will receive part of it back into the account.

Returns can be static or progressive. In the second case, it is either the difference between the deposit and withdrawal amounts or the player’s status in a particular casino that determines this. In addition, a random bonus – a pre-determined multiplier – can be taken into account.

Casino cashback bonus

We’ve introduced the casinos that are giving users cashback at the moment. So often the bonus grid can change and you need to keep an eye on this issue.

Cashback bonus at Goldenbet

Golden Bet CasinoAt Golden Bet casino, you can get cashback for each registered user of the gambling network. Cashback can be received from €10 to €500 by requesting it on any day. The last money deposited must be real money, not as a bonus, and the received cashback can only be used for casino and sports betting.

Cashback bonus at All Right casino

allright_horizont_for_wAny All Right casino user can collect a cashback of up to 20% every day, which depends on the player’s loss. The user only has to meet one condition, which is to fund his account from £22 at All Right casino online. It also makes sense that the more the player deposits into his account, the bigger the cashback will be. Also, the user must not withdraw money from his account for 3 days, and there must be 0 in his account when the cashback is credited.

How do I get and use a cashback bonus


Cashback bonus online casino can be awarded automatically or at the initiative of the client. The principle of wagering gift becomes decisive, because the international law in the gambling industry prohibits forced promotions associated with restrictions on the withdrawal of funds. If cashback in online casinos immediately credited real money and does not require wagering in the form of multiple bets on slots and board games, the cashback may be automatic. In this case, on certain days, automation simply recalculates your balance and transfers the player money to your deposit. If play on wager before withdrawal is compulsory, and before that period even a large win cannot be withdrawn due to a closed cashout, a cashback can only be initiated.

The principle of the request is also different in each casino. Sometimes it is enough to press certain keys and thereby express your agreement with the promotion. In some cases, it is necessary to write a message to the gaming room’s support team. Make sure that there are no specific days or hours for the request, and that the amount of the cumulative bonus (if it is stated as cumulative) is higher than the minimum amount.

You can use the money on any of the machines. Money without a wager can be withdrawn. Amounts for which a wager is prescribed must first be wagered according to the general rules – the amount left to be wagered will be broadcast in the till.

Welcome cashback bonus

The welcome cashback bonus in the starter package applies only to the first amounts or a small period after registration. The increased amount of cashback in online casinos should provide the new player with the best conditions – the opportunity to get acquainted with the mechanics and assortment of the gaming room. If the amount of the first (first) deposit brings a win from playing on slots or board games, the right to cashback is lost. If real money is not received and the balance has become extremely low, the automation will return a portion of the funds. The difference between the Welcome Cashback and the main programme:

  • minimum conditions – the beginner is not forced to understand complex mechanics;
  • Loyal limits – so as not to intimidate by the need for a large investment;
  • zero or no wager.

There is usually no additional request either – it is still difficult for newcomers to understand the mechanics, so the amount is credited automatically.

Advantages / Disadvantages
Minimal risk - the player balance is minimal, win will only be a plus;
The ability to use to play on slots and board games;
Payouts by real money or comp points, not by freespins;
The cashback in online casinos can grow in line with your status;
Casino cashback bonus gives you a chance to win back.
The maximum amount for casinos in Europe is 15%, the average is 10% of the investment;
The number and frequency of cashout requests is limited.


  • Why do online casinos give out cashback bonuses?
    The casino casback bonus is a way of tying the player in. Counting on a quick win, the user will continue to play slots and board games, especially if a certain amount of points must be accumulated before receiving real money.
  • Are cashback offers available instantly?
    Yes, if such a cashback in online casinos is stipulated in the rules. It is at the discretion of the administration.
  • What is the average percentage of cashback?
    In European casinos, THIS is 10%.
  • What is the difference between casino cashback and casino earnings?
    To understand what is a cashback bonus, it helps to compare it to a bank card cashback. A small percentage is given back on all spending. The programme is set up by the gambling hall - sharing part of your income. The payout amount, knowing the amount deposited, can be calculated. The payout percentage of the slots themselves is set by the provider, according to international requirements it is not less than 90%, but there is no guarantee for a certain cycle.

There is also another category of gifts, this no wagering casino bonus.

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