PaySafecard – non on Gamstop payment system

PaySafecard payment system is an independent service that allows you to make electronic payments through purchase and then use special pre-paid cards. Brtitish players appreciate this payment system because it guarantees fast payment in the online casino non gamstop.

Casino with paysafecard for UK players

The PaySafecard online system is widely used in Europe, where the system appeared on the market for the first time since 2000.

PaySafecard is very popular in European countries – France, Great Britain, USA, Spain, Poland. We PaySafecard branches Login can be found in 45 countries around the world, the head office is located in Vienna (Austria).

The user can freely purchase PaySafecard where to buy and use the support service that works in 7 languages. The PaySafecard account provides access to 24-hour online technical support on the website or by a multi-line telephone The site interface also switches to one of the 7 available languages.

Paying System Appearance

Plastic MY PaySafecard card with a specific denomination with information about the available limit and currency. On the one hand, there is a one-off PIN code required to make payment transactions.

How to use?

PaysafecardAfter you buy a card where you buy PaySafecard with a specific denomination can be used to pay by adding a special PIN code that is on the reverse of the card under the protective layer. The main advantage of the payment method on the PaySafecard account is an anonymous user using plastic.

During the purchase process, the owner does not mean his personal data, which allows to significantly expand the scope of the use of plastics. It can be used to make online payments in areas such as online casino non on gamstop and bookmakers.

The main currency of the voucher used to display the balance is the euro, but the customer can pay a card and for bills in other currencies.

PaySafecard replacement service

We can use it to instantly converge in different directions after a given course and without additional investments.

To complete a payment transaction, you will need to select the amount to pay at the current EUR exchange rate and then enter your PIN. The transfer will be processed immediately, the withdrawal of funds occurs without additional commission. The user can pay simultaneously with several types of cards (up to 10 cards at the same time). To do this, simply enter in order the amount to be debited and the current codes.

The voucher can be used in whole or in part. To do this, you can write back to your account in any height. Nominated cards available in sales are 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 euros. They are adapted to popular types of payment systems.

How to Buy SMS PaySafecard?

You can buy a valid PaySafecard login at offline credit cards, but the online coupon is considered a wiser method of purchase not gamstop casinos. The method allows you to immediately receive a valid code with vouchers, which is activated on the page before use. This is an additional security warrantyTWA measures. Without activating the code on Allegro PaySafecard, no transfer or any transaction can not be made.

All company activities are legal and are not contrary to the UK legislation in which the cards are widely used as a payment measure in gambling games . All current operations are carried out in accordance with the license.

How to register in paysafecard?

Paysafecard registrationMy PaySafecard top-up of the account enables efficient control of the transaction process. In order to effectively manage the possibilities of top-up paysafecard, you must complete the basic registration procedure on PaySafe and get login My PaySafecard, which will help you analyze the already made manipulation CasinoOnlineCasinos. No personal data must be marked in the process of creating a personal account. Provide a full list of card transactions updated in real time.


PaySafecard system for free requires a quick start of the application process, because after a year from the activation of each card there will be a monthly amount of 2 euro for the service, which may lead to a completely exhaustion of the current limit of funds. This PaySafecard checking technique aims to protect customers against financial fraud and possible fraud from third parties.

PaySafecard and Casino

The payment system is actively used in online casinos and gambling games in UK. With his help, the player can anonymously and without the need to visit the bank or other institution to recharge his personal account.

Each Non Gamstop online casino in UK  supports the possibility of paying bets using the PaySafecard system that has proved well both in mobile Casino , as well as in the usual version due to increased versatility.

I believe that paysafecard allows you to maintain a decent level of anonymity and eliminate payment disputes for UK online casinos.

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  • Who uses paysafecard?
    Players, bookmaker users and ordinary customers who prefer anonymous purchases of goods and services on the Internet.
  • Can I pay for in-store purchases using paysafecard Steam?
    It is possible if the store itself supports this payment system. Before that, you can convert virtual currency. To pay for your purchase, you need to use the one-time PIN-code on the back of the card.
  • How can I top up my Paysafecard?
    Before paying for services, you can buy a card with a face value of 5 to 100 euros. At the same time, from 1 to 10 cards are used for payment.
  • How do I register in the system?
    You do not need personal data to create a personal account. You only need to enter your username and password to enter your personal account.
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