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Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
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Today there are many dozens of variations of the tale of the three pigs. In each country the story gained its own distinctive features, but the most important essence of the tale was still the same. Incidentally, in one English genre the pigs ate the wolf after it was in a pot of boiling water. Not a children’s tale, but a real thriller.

The creators of Quick Spin have decided to share their own story of three little pigs with you by making the Big Bad Wolf slot available on the Microgaming platform. Press start and as they sing in the song: we are not afraid of the grey wolf. The winning percentage in this category is 97.29%.

Big Bad Wolf slot machine for free?

To try out the free game, simply visit any online betting site and open this slot machine. You will see a demo version of the slot machine that you can try out right now.

Unique symbols and bonus rounds

It’s not clear if the pigs have played cards, but you’re sure to see the markings of Tens, Jacks, Kings, Queens and Aces on display, topping up your game account by 5-100 coins.

The toy pig, and with it 3 brother pigs, will add 15, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 coins to your game account.

The bee hive is a wild symbol. It drops on each of the reels, you can pick up any item except the Scatter, and will usually fall around 1000 coins in combination.

The Scatter was the Wolf symbol. As soon as the grey predator appears on the reels three times, you will receive a total of 3 bets and then 10 free spins will be triggered. Before the free spins start, you can see the wolf blowing up the house and rushing off in pursuit of the first pig.

The Big Bad Wolf slot machine has several bonuses online casino at the same time, which should be described in more detail:

  • Swooping Reels – once a payout combination is created, all of its symbols can be dropped and a new one can appear in their place to create further combinations.
  • Additional wilds – consider the pig portraits in the top right corner of the display. There are 2 windows under each portrait. Each subsequent jackpot activates the windows and the symbols are wild.
  • Blowing up the house is the bonus round, which usually takes place at night.
  • In addition, a new symbol, the Moon, appears in the free spins. Each appearance of the Queen of the Night can activate one of the windows and earn an additional bonus.
  • Three more moons – and you can again qualify for 2 new free spins, but with x2 multipliers.

How it works: combinations

At what speed to play? You can certainly choose to bet on a game that is 500-1000 times smaller than your bankroll. This is the only way to get more coins and complete the maximum spins. If you want to choose a higher stake, you have to be careful. Start the game with a small bet and increase over time, watching the behaviour of the machine.

How to win on this machine?

Pay attention to the machine’s return percentage. It’s over 97%, which means you can get a positive expectation of the bonus jackpot with a bet of less than x40. The secrets of the Big Bad Wolf slot machine lie not only in the right bet, but also in the restrictions to be applied.

From all that has been said, we can conclude that the slot machine really does offer players a unique opportunity to win a good jackpot.
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