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Blackjack Caribbean
Blackjack Caribbean
Blackjack Caribbean
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Blackjack Caribbean from developer Playn Go and supplier Novomatic is a card slot machine. This gambling entertainment following the classic rules of Caribbean Blackjack-21 is popular with players around the world. A modern version of the slot machine was released in 2014, and the software has been updated several times (including in 2019) to maintain compatibility with current gaming platforms. The game rules and engine have remained unchanged.

Winning depends not only on a random hand, but also on how well the player knows how to use their cards. In the free version of the game, where virtual credits are used for betting, it is convenient to train and try out different strategies.

Can I play Caribbean Blackjack without an investment?

Free casino games are necessarily represented in any self-respecting casino. To play Caribbean blackjack for free and without registration, just press the Start button.

Start a beautiful card game and feel like you are in a real legal online casino!

Specifics of the game

Caribbean Blackjack has advantages for the player:

  • For any composition of cards, they can be split (divided). This increases the number of potential slots from 3 to 6. Of course, the more hands, the more likely you are to score exactly 21 and win unconditionally.
  • Unlimited doubles (Double) – you can double your bet (and potential winnings) several times in a row by adding a card.
  • Payout (Hold) at any time. If a player considers a combination to be unsuccessful and hopeless, they can get half their bet back and thus halve their future loss.
  • Insurance. If the dealer’s first card hits an ace, the player can take out insurance in case the opponent scores 21. This protects well against loss. The dealer picks 21 – the player will get insurance and cover the betting losses. If the player wins, he loses the insurance but gains on the bets.

How to start playing

The playing field is a blue card table with three round boxes on the player’s side. To place a bet, you must click on the slot. You can start the game on fields 1, 2 and 3 – according to the player’s choice.

After the player has placed his bets, he gives the dealer the cue to start the distribution – press the Deal button. The dealer distributes two cards to the player for each paid box and one face up for himself. The player can see what card the dealer has and can start calculating the probability of winning or simply rely on their intuition.

Rule of action (combination)

The aim of the game is to score more points than the dealer. Therefore, do not exceed 21. 22 and more points – loss.

It is important to consider the following point. The large number of player advantages (arbitrary splitting, unlimited doubling, etc.) is partially offset by the fact that the dealer wins if the score is equal. For example, the dealer and the player each scored 20 points – the dealer wins. Ties are quite rare, but should also be kept in mind.

How the points are awarded

The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. When calculating points, the colour is not taken into account and does not affect the game in any way.

The lowest cards are worth points according to their denomination. For example 5-5 points, 9-9 points etc.

Jack – 10 points, Queen – 10 points, King – 10 points. Ace – 1 point.

How to win at Blackjack Caribbean

There are two main strategies – progressive picking of the strongest combinations and risky blackjack-based play. In addition, there are mixed strategies that combine elements of the two main ones.

Pooling strategy

You must bet on all fields. If the dealer has an ace first, you should buy insurance. The player then splits each box. The exception is when there is no need to double – if there are already 20 points in the box. This is a strong combination, the probability of winning is over 90%.

Doubling (Double) should be done for those boxes with 12 points or less. Boxes with 13-17 points are considered losers, so they rarely win. They charge compensation (Hold) for such slots, this is after doubling if it proved unsuccessful.

When deciding to double, you must consider the composition of the player’s and dealer’s cards. The more older cards there are in the field, the more likely it is that the lowest one will be removed. So you can take a risk and double down with 13-15 points.

High risk strategy

The previous option gives a stable profit if you play for a few hours and act without mistakes. The risk strategy is a very gambling approach so you can win quickly.

How it works. The player freely bets on 1, 2 or 3 slots. Share or not – intuition and number of points will tell. This is an unpredictable game, so players rely more on luck here.

Lucky and careful players pay off their bets 8-12 times every third or fourth round. So, by investing 1 credit, you can get 100 credits in 10-15 minutes.

Mixed strategy

Every player has his own style of play. It happens that a person systematically collects combinations, and then inspiration comes. The player bets on risk and wins. Sometimes it is the other way around: the player bets high, but at some point there is a desire to play more cautiously. The person listens to his intuition and avoids a serious loss.

Blackjack Caribbean is an interesting gambling game. Here you have to think, calculate probabilities and be able to make decisions. At the same time, the chance to win simply on the field of chance remains. Sometimes you get lucky with the alignment and just have to understand the general principle of the game to win a lot right away.
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